Website & Its Changes

I updated my website yesterday. I’m finally getting the hang of WordPress’s drag and drop style. This new theme has allowed me to post my social media buttons on the top.

Either way, I’ll be connecting this blog with another website I have in the works. Lots to look forward to.

I haven’t updated this website since I started it last year. I have more of an idea of what I am doing with it now, and I’m optimistic about the content I have coming out. It’s going to be fun!

Blood Wolf Moon Brings It Out

Photograph of the Blood Wolf Full Moon that I took on my iPhone 6s with a telescope lens.

It’s pretty fascinating the kinds of emotions emerge when a rare full moon is in full bloom. This rare Blood Wolf Full Moon is of the variety that, for me, has been drawing out all that I’ve needed to become aware and cognizant of in order to let it go.

Because, lets face it: If you’re not aware of the shadow work that needs to be done, how can one let go what needs to be let go of in order to move forward in life?

That’s what I feel this blood moon is highlighting. And since this full moon happens to be in Leo, being a very theatrical fire sign, one may get the sense that a lot of emotions are being spot lit in regards to yourself and the people or places you put your focus on that have a very theatrical nature to them.

Last year, with many planets having been in retrograde last year, a lot came up for me personally that made me aware that in order to move forward, I needed to stop giving my energy away both consciously and unconsciously. I asked the universe to make me aware of whatever it was that needed to come forward, and damn did it sting and damn was it stagnant.

But I needed to hibernate in order for a lot of habits and thoughts to come to the surface. For that, I am grateful.

With this Full Moon in Leo, I’m starting understand how I’ve held myself back creatively for so long, and gave a ton of energy away to certain groups of people whom I know and knew weren’t healthy for me, or suited for me energetically.

There’s one individual in particular that for so long I saw as a muse, a positive influence, and someone that I thought could potentially be a mentor to me. Yet, I’m also observing the people they surround themselves with and they’re people that I realized consume and create very low vibration content.

I ended up recalling something one of my closest friend said to me while chatting with her last year: That if I were to continue giving energy to this group of individuals that it would not only hold me back, but they would say “Oh…there’s that weird girl again. Act natural. We’ll get her away from us.” That conversation popped into my head randomly this week, and it lead me to something another friend told me, while they were explaining why they broke up with their significant other:

They said, “I don’t want to be with or around people that point out how sexy or cute I look while I dance. I want to be with and around people that actively cheer me on when I’m dancing all quirky, weird, and crazy on the dance floor!”

And you know something? They’re absolutely right.

It made me realize how many people I gave my precious energy to in the past that saw me as the “Crazy, weird, mental person” because I was afraid others would see me that way.

Law of Attraction: We attract to us that which has a similar energy.

Sometimes you have to ask the universe to reveal your true actions to you that may or may not be serving you in the long run. This is how I was able to get the process going of mourning my past and the lessons I needed to learn to get me to where I am now.

I believe there’s a reason why I was meant to be a writer in my 30s and not necessarily in my 20s.

And I thank the Universe for steering me away from those people, places, and things that A. Have a lower vibrational frequency, and B. That which I didn’t want to be known for in the long term.

I thank the Universe both for the lessons and the delay.

Sometimes you’re meant to hold yourself back so that you can leap forward at just the right time.