Reiki Group Session Experience

I had an amazing group Reiki session yesterday at Madrona House Apothecary + Healing Arts with a Reiki teacher named Ana. Myself & three other women focused on the Sacral Charka, which is the chakra that represents creativity, the emotional body, and creation. We set three intentions for the session. It just so happens to coincide with the New Moon in Gemini today for intention setting. It was a very healing & clearing experience.

As she was performing Reiki and leading us in meditation, I was starting to see Ana as a mandrake-like fairy in a vision that was helping all of us plant the seeds of our intentions into the universe. I don’t know why that vision came to me, it just did.
My intentions included starting a new lifestyle & health routine, which takes time. My main intention for the month of June is to stay consistent in the changes I make for myself that will serve me in the long term. What works for me is making micro adjustments to my routine & knowing for certain that that’s what my heart wants. This way I know the change is authentic, and it won’t be something I saw I’m going to do and then flake out later.

As we were meditating & clearing out any energies that no longer served us, I ended up feeling my left hand pulse/convulse for about three seconds. I’ve never felt anything like that before! It was a sign that energy was being moved around in my body.
After the class was over, I felt happy, and felt like laughing. It was as if my quirky sense of humor was making its way to the surface.

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