Reiki Group Session Experience

I had an amazing group Reiki session yesterday at Madrona House Apothecary + Healing Arts with a Reiki teacher named Ana. Myself & three other women focused on the Sacral Charka, which is the chakra that represents creativity, the emotional body, and creation. We set three intentions for the session. It just so happens to coincide with the New Moon in Gemini today for intention setting. It was a very healing & clearing experience.

As she was performing Reiki and leading us in meditation, I was starting to see Ana as a mandrake-like fairy in a vision that was helping all of us plant the seeds of our intentions into the universe. I don’t know why that vision came to me, it just did.
My intentions included starting a new lifestyle & health routine, which takes time. My main intention for the month of June is to stay consistent in the changes I make for myself that will serve me in the long term. What works for me is making micro adjustments to my routine & knowing for certain that that’s what my heart wants. This way I know the change is authentic, and it won’t be something I saw I’m going to do and then flake out later.

As we were meditating & clearing out any energies that no longer served us, I ended up feeling my left hand pulse/convulse for about three seconds. I’ve never felt anything like that before! It was a sign that energy was being moved around in my body.
After the class was over, I felt happy, and felt like laughing. It was as if my quirky sense of humor was making its way to the surface.

TheLadyCatEye YouTube Channel

I’ve just started updating my YouTube Channel.

I create videos connecting narrative story telling with metaphysical topics. On my channel you’ll find me presenting many peculiar ideas on how to bridge metaphysical topics, such as intuition, dreams, time travel, parallel universes etc. with that of the stories one can create. You’ll find me presenting a variety of curious subjects, like intuitive readings on fictional characters, exploring the energy surrounding your favorite stories, and how it can all help you as a writer formulate your own ideas.

Here’s one of my latest videos:

Website & Its Changes

I updated my website yesterday. I’m finally getting the hang of WordPress’s drag and drop style. This new theme has allowed me to post my social media buttons on the top.

Either way, I’ll be connecting this blog with another website I have in the works. Lots to look forward to.

I haven’t updated this website since I started it last year. I have more of an idea of what I am doing with it now, and I’m optimistic about the content I have coming out. It’s going to be fun!

Blood Wolf Moon Brings It Out

Photograph of the Blood Wolf Full Moon that I took on my iPhone 6s with a telescope lens.

It’s pretty fascinating the kinds of emotions emerge when a rare full moon is in full bloom. This rare Blood Wolf Full Moon is of the variety that, for me, has been drawing out all that I’ve needed to become aware and cognizant of in order to let it go.

Because, lets face it: If you’re not aware of the shadow work that needs to be done, how can one let go what needs to be let go of in order to move forward in life?

That’s what I feel this blood moon is highlighting. And since this full moon happens to be in Leo, being a very theatrical fire sign, one may get the sense that a lot of emotions are being spot lit in regards to yourself and the people or places you put your focus on that have a very theatrical nature to them.

Last year, with many planets having been in retrograde last year, a lot came up for me personally that made me aware that in order to move forward, I needed to stop giving my energy away both consciously and unconsciously. I asked the universe to make me aware of whatever it was that needed to come forward, and damn did it sting and damn was it stagnant.

But I needed to hibernate in order for a lot of habits and thoughts to come to the surface. For that, I am grateful.

With this Full Moon in Leo, I’m starting understand how I’ve held myself back creatively for so long, and gave a ton of energy away to certain groups of people whom I know and knew weren’t healthy for me, or suited for me energetically.

There’s one individual in particular that for so long I saw as a muse, a positive influence, and someone that I thought could potentially be a mentor to me. Yet, I’m also observing the people they surround themselves with and they’re people that I realized consume and create very low vibration content.

I ended up recalling something one of my closest friend said to me while chatting with her last year: That if I were to continue giving energy to this group of individuals that it would not only hold me back, but they would say “Oh…there’s that weird girl again. Act natural. We’ll get her away from us.” That conversation popped into my head randomly this week, and it lead me to something another friend told me, while they were explaining why they broke up with their significant other:

They said, “I don’t want to be with or around people that point out how sexy or cute I look while I dance. I want to be with and around people that actively cheer me on when I’m dancing all quirky, weird, and crazy on the dance floor!”

And you know something? They’re absolutely right.

It made me realize how many people I gave my precious energy to in the past that saw me as the “Crazy, weird, mental person” because I was afraid others would see me that way.

Law of Attraction: We attract to us that which has a similar energy.

Sometimes you have to ask the universe to reveal your true actions to you that may or may not be serving you in the long run. This is how I was able to get the process going of mourning my past and the lessons I needed to learn to get me to where I am now.

I believe there’s a reason why I was meant to be a writer in my 30s and not necessarily in my 20s.

And I thank the Universe for steering me away from those people, places, and things that A. Have a lower vibrational frequency, and B. That which I didn’t want to be known for in the long term.

I thank the Universe both for the lessons and the delay.

Sometimes you’re meant to hold yourself back so that you can leap forward at just the right time.

‘Authenticity’ & Social Media Platforms

Welcome to my official blog, The Lady Cat Eye. My objective with this blog is to curate and share a variety of interesting content that not only gives my readers a different perspective on life, but will hopefully lead to an expansion of awareness and consciousness.

Part lifestyle blog, part curator of curiosities, I hope to bring a good amount of thought provoking and authentic material to this blog.

Note: This blog will be connected in the coming weeks to my official website, which is currently under construction.

And with that…

Authenticity is a word I’m seeing thrown around a lot in the last year or so. To be authentic, to me, is to be your full self without holding back any part of it. Trust me when I say that this is easier to say than do at times…especially when you’re in the presence of different groups of individuals. The unspoken social rules we feel bound to are rules that I feel and see more individuals breaking through day by day, especially in the turbulent times we live in. I’m seeing more and more individuals, not just calling out superficial aspects of social interactions with others, but also unpacking and calling out abuses of power for what they are. This is wonderful, and it’s a much needed cleansing our society needs in order to heal deeper wounds in the collective.

In order to call what needs to be called out, we first have to be honest with ourselves and have the courage to unpackage ourselves and identify what’s holding us back individually.

That being said, we’re all aware that Facebook is probably the only social media application/platform where you are required to add someone on your ‘Friend List’ in order for them to interact with you. To some in the past–or perhaps just me–it might have been awkward to not add family and acquaintances when they requested you, and you might have felt a certain obligation to have them in your contacts in order for there not to be tension in person. If you’ve experienced this, then it’s probably safe to say that Facebook has never really been an authentic platform with respect to its users. I personally never believed it was.¬† After all, this is a platform where the creators require/force you to use your full name, even if it’s dangerous to do so for some. Facebook seems to be a good platform for people who only want to keep in touch with their relatives or acquaintances, namely for those that don’t post much.

Trust me, not everyone uses Twitter or Instagram either. Some don’t really connect with those two platforms. I understand that. What I don’t understand is this why use all three platforms and not follow the people you have on your contacts list on Facebook on all of your other platforms as well? And why keep people on your Facebook contacts you really have no interest in?

Someone might read that and think “You’re not entitled to have those people on your Facebook follow you on your other social media pages.” And you know what? That’s 100% correct. You’re not entitled to the time and energy of the individuals around you and they aren’t entitled to your time or energy. Yet, in order to forge those authentic connections, why keep individuals bound to you that you really have no personal interest or energy investment in? After all, not everyone is meant to remain your friend or acquaintance. People come and go.



I had a discussion with a friend of mine, who’s an artist, over the weekend. I asked her what she thought of the idea of people following their contacts on all social platforms vs just having them as a contact on Facebook, whether they’ve ‘followed’ them or not (and not following them anywhere else but Facebook.) She told me that if someone is just in your contacts on Facebook, and you know that person is on the other platforms, and they’re not following you on Instagram or Twitter as well….then perhaps that isn’t a very authentic connection and/or that person is not really invested in you and/or your work.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has noticed what I have in this regard?

And to add a disclaimer: If one doesn’t feel comfortable following a person on all three platforms, but just one because they don’t know that person that well…that’s one thing. However, it just seems weird to me that one would have them at all in their contacts, if they don’t want to actually tell that person, “I’m not interested in actually connecting with you.” Or, “I only follow close friends and family.” We shouldn’t be afraid to say these things. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy to tell others this without sounding mean…but it’s nonetheless important for our own well being to invest our energies wisely.

The whole reason I bring this up is that part of Vero‘s appeal (the new social media platform) is to forge those authentic connections, and having the options of letting your followers know that you are either A. Just following them or they are just following you, or B. You’re friends or acquaintances.


With Vero, it’s all out there on the table. No bullshit. No pretending. You and your followers know where you stand.

Now…Vero is in their beginning stages of showing this ‘authenticity.’ So…I’m giving myself¬† time to use this new platform so I can form a fully formed opinion on it.